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Industrial UV Coating Systems

Industrial UV Coating Systems

UV Coating Systems
UV Coating Manufacturing Systems

Conforming Matrix is a world leading manufacturer and systems integrator of UV Coating Systems. We provide the highest level of performance in the industry.

UV finishing systems are increasingly popular because of:

  • Reduced manufacturing cost, energy usage & footprint
  • Increased product performance and productivity
  • Pressure on US companies to reduce VOC emissions and improve air quality

UV finishing systems utilize clean curing technologies that provide significant savings compared to thermal curing. VOC and HAP emissions are virtually eliminated. In addition UV curing occurs in a fraction of a second, as compared to thermal curing which can take over 20 minutes and utilize a large footprint. The completed UV finish also provides superior resistance to scratches and chemicals.

We utilize robotics to optimally spray and cure three dimensional parts using a minimal number of spray head and UV lamps to further reduce both equipment and operational costs. This enables finishing mixed part types and difficult geometries in a production line environment and minimizes downtime.

Additional we can provide automated part masking fixtures and tooling that control where the UV coating is applied. Our material handling engineers are also skilled with designing productive parts load and unload mechanisms and processes.

Please contact us to discuss an advanced and complete UV coating system engineered to your requirements.